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Suomen Säiliönpääty Ltd is a subcontractor in the metal industry that specializes in manufacturing and forming standard and tailored steel products. Our core competencies are dished and flanged tank heads for complex pressure vessels and various tanks, expansion bellows, calottes and cones. Our range of products also includes sundry ball molds and parts of industrial fans and blowers. We have strong technical expertise and many decades of experience, enabling us to continuously enhance the quality, process and service that form the basis for the company’s operations. Suomen Säiliönpääty is a valued partner that operates in a reliable, customer-oriented, quick, precise and flexible manner. The company’s facilities are located in Ylöjärvi, near Tampere.


The company’s quality system complies with the standard ISO 9001 and our environmental operations comply with the ISO14001 standard certified by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance. We manufacture ends also according to PED requirements.

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