Specialists in manufacturing dished and flanged tank heads with more than 50 years of experience.

Suomen Säiliönpääty Ltd is a subcontracting company
of the metal industry that specializes in manufacturing standard and tailor-made steel products and has roots
that date back to the beginning of the 1960s. Our core competencies are dished and flanged ends for demanding pressure vessels and various tanks, expansion bellows, calottes and cones. Our range of products also includes sundry ball molds and parts of industrial fans.

We have strong technical expertise and many decades of experience, enabling us to continuously enhance the quality, process and service that form the basis for the company’s operations.

Manufacturing and services

Our company has strong and diverse production machinery and extensive welding know-how. Metal spinning capacity suits up to a work piece diameter of 3.600 mm. We have the capability of carrying out presswork services on hydraulic pressing, work piece with a maximum diameter of 3.500 mm and compressive pressing force max. 500 tons. In addition, we carry out factory and power plant projects in many different industrial sectors.

Product development

Our well-experienced and professional staff is trained to confirm product development and work together with the customer. The right form selections of the ends, heads and discs, for example, based on customer's specific requirements give added value to the customer. We can also offer custom-made items using specially designed tooling.


The company’s Quality and Environmental Management Systems are built to meet the standards of EN ISO 9001(:2008) and ISO14001 by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance ensuring a high level of production and service.

We manufacture products according to PED requirements.

Reliable partner

In our company we continuously develop and improve the quality of work, manufacturing processes and services. The company is a desired, customer-oriented cooperation partner that works reliably, quickly, accurately and flexibly. In the domestic market we have a large and established customer base in various industrial sectors. Our company also exports to the Baltic countries.




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